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Ten Tested Hacks to Packing for a Long Trip.

I had a girlfriend who had planned for her trip to Nigeria for so long, that everyone knew she was planning a trip. She had traced her ancestry to Nigeria, even though she was an American, and could not wait to experience the land of her ancestors.

However, there were many things she did not put into consideration while packing for her trip. At the end of the day, she had the worst vacation experience ever, and it was not because of the location of her vacation, but how she packed for the journey.

So this trip has been a long time coming. You have saved throughout the year to get the vacation experience of your dreams. But do you know that how you pack for your trip, can make or mar your vacation experience?

Whether you are planning for a business trip, a vacationing trip, or a study trip, there are many things to put into consideration while packing for this trip.

Here are great tips for packing for a long journey that will aid you in getting the best experience from your trip:

  1. Choose the right Luggage:

A suitcase is great for trips to a resort or an urban environment, while a backpack is suitable for backpacking expeditions, mountain climbing camp, rural environment, insufficient amenities, etc. Imagine, pulling your suitcase along a rocky part in a rural environment, when you could have just gotten a suitcase. This is capable of getting you frustrated, early on in your trip.

  1. Choose the right clothes:

While packing for your trip, have at your finger tips, the weather conditions of the location for your trip, their dress codes or any dress restrictions in place. You do not want to pack clothes for a cold weather and you find out later that you will be experiencing a hot weather. Also, you would want to find out about shopping for clothes and if clothes can be bought at your destination at a reasonable cost.

  1. Choose clothes that can be matched with different outfits:

This is my personal method in keeping my luggage lighter. How can I wear one top in several ways or with several outfits? This way you have more outfit options, without having so much clothes and a bulkier luggage.

  1. Pack more tops as they are lighter:

In order to pack more tops, you have to pack bottoms that can go with different tops. The reason you are advised to pack more tops is because, tops are lighter and will not make your luggage bulkier than intended. Except you want to incur more luggage cost at the airport, then it is advisable to pack more tops.

  1. Pack less accessories:

Unless you want to advertise a theft opportunity, it is advisable not to pack too many jewelries or costly accessories. Restrict accessories to a purse, a money holder, a hat, sunshades, scarf, etc. Keep your costly stuff at home, for the sake of your own safety. You can however buy accessories at your destination to take back home as mementos of your trip.

  1. Take only the necessary toiletries:

Can you buy your toiletries at your destination and at an affordable rate? If so, there is no need packing up all your toiletries. When it comes to makeup, pack items that can do more than one function. For instance can you use your foundation for your contouring?  This will make your luggage lighter, which is very important when going on a long trip.

  1. Do not fold your clothes, but roll them instead:

Rolling your clothes helps in making more space available for other things like shoes and toiletries.

  1. Carry a digital library:

Instead of stacking piles of book in your suitcase or backpack, load your books into your eReader. There are lots of amazing reading list available online, so you do not need to carry piles of books, which would make your luggage bulkier.

  1. Pack not more than three pairs of shoes:

You do not want to have to fill your suitcase with shoes that there are no space for other things, so choose shoes that match all your outfits, and pack not more than three pairs.

  1. Use Luggage organizers:

Luggage organizers helps you use optimize the available space in your luggage, and keep everything organized and in place throughout the duration of your trip. I cannot imagine packing for a trip without using a luggage organizer. They are such life savers.

Six Best Practices to get Value for Money when Traveling in Nigeria.

How would you like to know about the best ways to get value for money on your next trip to Nigeria?

What if I told you, that all the smart tourists are using this method?

Better still, what if I could show you exactly how you could leverage these tips to get, not just a quality experience in Nigeria, but a cost- effective one.

After saving through the year for vacation, you want to have the best experience, which will not dig a hole in your pocket. This is the objective of every traveler, and while some have found ways to save money, without compromising the quality of their vacation experience, some are still not getting value for their money.

Without further ado, here are tips to getting the best value for money when traveling in Nigeria.

  1. Check out for IT fares:

‘IT’ stands for inclusive tour or package offer, which includes your flight, accommodation and taxi fares. This is a good deal and is way cheaper than buying these separately. You can find such inclusive tours on Nigerian based travel agencies like ‘Wakanow’.

  1. Patronize the local restaurants:

Nigerians are great chefs and they have fuel this passion into food businesses such as local restaurants. Instead of paying for hotel meals, which would cost a lot to get quality foods, you can patronize our local restaurants. These local restaurants are often scattered on the streets and offer variety of meals. This is not just a opportunity to get quality food at low cost, but also to ignite your taste buds with our local meals.

  1. Look out for hotels with Wifi:

Hotels with Wifi help you save not just internet cost, but also phone bills. Instead of raking up exorbitant phone bills from using hotel telephones, you can use the wifi to access Skype, and stay connected with your loved ones all over the world.

  1. Go at a low season period:

Travel rates are higher during certain seasons, so if you want to get the best value for money, visit Nigeria during a low season to get access to quality, but low cost hotel accommodation. During high seasons, even low quality hotels will charge prices equal to those of luxury hotels. Timing is everything when traveling in Nigeria.

  1. Use an online cab service:

Depending on the city in Nigeria where you will be staying, there are online cab services which would take you from place to place at a cheaper rate, and these cab services give customers superb experiences. In Lagos and Abuja, there is ‘Uber’ and ‘Taxify’.  In Calabar and Enugu, there is ‘MyCabman’ and in Port-Harcourt, there is ‘PamDrive’. These online cab services can be accessed from an android or ios phone, and are cheaper, compared to indigenous cab services.

  1. Get your negotiation skills on:

Except for wares displayed in grocery supermarkets, everything in Nigeria can be negotiated, even quality products and services. So never pay the first price stated by a vendor, always negotiate and you will get quality products and services at a cheaper rate.

With these tips, you will not only get cost-effective options for everything on your travel in Nigeria, but also value for your money.