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Frequently Asked Questions about Text2Fly


+ What is Text2Fly?

Text2Fly is a mobile service that lets you search for Nigerian flight schedules by sending a text message from your mobile phone.

Text2Fly carries the flight schedules of all Nigerian domestic airlines.

+ Does Text2Fly have any users or am I the first one?

Over 40,000 Nigerian's have now registered on our Facebook page to show their support for Text2Fly. See customer reviews showing the good things many of them said.

+ Are Text2Fly's flights accurate?

Making sure flight schedules are accurate is a serious issue at Text2Fly.

We do not simply rely on the information the airlines give us. Every day, our staff manually compare the flights we have with what the airlines are showing on their web sites.

We always look at the week ahead. If we find any differences we update them immediately.

+ How do I use Text2Fly?

Using Text2Fly is as easy as sending a text message.

Just send a text message to our number (33057) like this: From Lagos to Abuja on Friday at 4pm ... and Text2Fly will send the flight schedules to your mobile phone.

+ What is the correct format of the message I send to Text2Fly?

Send us your text in EXACTLY this format:

From CITY to CITY on DAY (or DATE) at TIME (e.g from lagos to abuja on monday at 8am)

+ To what number do I send my text message?

Our number is 33057, please store this number in your phone.

+ What will this cost me?

Text2Fly costs N50 each time you use it.

+ Will I still get charged if I make a mistake and get an error message?

Yes. Your mobile network charges you before we even get your message and process it. So it is not in our power to stop you from being charged.

However, to minimise this issue we continuously spend a lot of effort 'teaching' Text2Fly to recognise a wide range of 'incorrect' entries. So hopefully, you will not have this problem.

This process is ongoing. For example, instead of simply continuing to display an error message we amended Text2Fly to recognise the '@' sign when we noticed that some people were using it in place of the word 'at'.

+ Why did my flight schedules not arrive quickly like they usually do?

Text2Fly replies almost instantly to your request. At the bottom of each reply we even include the time at which we sent the message.

If you experience a delay it is normally due to the mobile network.

+ Why do I sometimes get an error message asking me to provide the time I want to fly?

Busy routes have many flights. But a text message can only carry 160 characters.

So if we find that we can't fit all the flights we find into one text message, we will ask you to tell us the time you wish to travel so we can use that information to shorten the list.

+ Why do you only carry Nigerian flights?

International flights are normally planned in advance and booked through a travel agent. Whereas domestic flights require you to send staff to find flight schedules or look at all airline web sites.

Text2Fly is attempting to solve that problem.

+ What if there are no direct flights to my destination? Do you show indirect flights?

Yes we do. If Text2Fly does not find any direct flights then it looks for indirect flights that require you to change planes at a transit airport.

To make sure you don't miss the second leg of your flight we take into account the time required to disembark, whether you need to change from one airport terminal to another, the time needed to check in and other factors.

Using this information we calculate the earliest connecting flight to your destination that you can realistically catch. This approach also minimises the time you spend waiting in the transit airport.

+ If my flight is delayed or cancelled will Text2Fly tell me?

No. Currently Text2Fly does not get updated by airlines when flights are delayed or changed at very short notice for operational reasons.

+ Which airline flights does Text2Fly carry?

Text2Fly carries the flight schedules of all domestic airlines in Nigeria.

We carry flight schedules for Arik Airlines, Aero, Air Nigeria (formerly Nigerian Eagle and Virgin Nigeria), Dana Airlines, First Nation, Chanchangi Airlines, IRS Airlines, Med-View Airlines, Overland Airways and Associated Airlines

On this web site you also see all airline domestic flights in Nigeria today or all flight schedules by city/airport.

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