It is just normal to have a relationship with opposite s3x.

In fact this is somehow the course of life women are created for men and vice versa.

Mostly, a man is the one making the moves to win a woman of his interest.

In some cases, there are women who are also trying to get a man’s attention.

It is very important for a woman to understand what men want in a relationship.

A woman should know the basic information relative to this in order to have a meaningful and lasting relationship.

This would also of great help for women to gauge more or less how are they going to handle the relationship and how a woman should react on the actions of most men show.

There are numerous reasons that anyone of us could think what men want in a relationship.

It is significant to understand this as most men are being misunderstood by some women.

A man has always a tendency to hide his feelings and sometimes is really keeping it.

So for women out there, here are some of the things that we need to crunch.


A man is seeking security whenever he enters in a serious relationship.

As a matter of fact, most men need to be reassured.

Just like a woman, a man also needs affirmations on the extent of the feelings for each other.

If you will notice, most men are more jealous than women.


While it is true that a man has his own set of friends, still a friendship that a woman of his interest could offer is something that he could value more.

Many men are looking for woman who could understand him and could extend a helping hand in case of needs.

Accordingly, there are instances that a man would long for a friendship that a woman will offer.

Most of the lasting relationship especially of successful relationships started with friendship.


Some men are entering in a relationship for fun.

Yes there may be some who are just looking for a fling, but this is not the one being pointed out here.

It is more of a man longing for somebody who could make him happy.


This is actually on the top list on what men want in a relationship.

Love begets love.

A man will go even beyond his means to show his love for a woman.

Thus, as a woman, you should be very sensitive about this.


Most men are looking for a care that a mother could give.

But please do not include the nagging.

Men want to be taken care of.


Of course, this is in a more serious relationship.

So women, be careful and you should know very well how to handle this.

There may be lots of things that a woman should know what men want in a relationship.

What is important here is that a woman should work hand in hand with a man when they agreed to enter into a relationship.

Remember that the burden of making the relationship stronger is pressed on both parties.

But it would be better if any one of you will not wait to make the first move.