By Alex Donald Ekuh-deezua

A Moralistic Rebuke And Lesson To The Beleaguered Rivers APC.

Erudite Hon. Barr Worgu Boms Wrote:

These vampire bats congregate in their thousands inside caves and every night fly out to look for prey.
When they find a sleeping bird or careless mammal, they make a small incision in its skin, and suck its blood.
But not all vampire bats find a victim every night.

So, what to do for, if they left each to his skill and devices, even the best, may lack blood at critical time and hunger and extinction may be the lot for their species.

In order to cope with the uncertainty of their life, and resist being wiped off, the Vampire bats loan blood to each other.
A vampire that fails to find prey will come home and ask a more fortunate friend to regurgitate some stolen blood.
Vampires remember very well to whom they loaned blood, so that at later date, if the friend returns hungry, he will approach his “debtor ” who will reciprocate.

Wherever and whenever you see vampires, remember that the fact of their cooperation and, I call it interdependence, is the reason why they still exist for you to see them play their own role in the ecosystem.

Is there any lesson that beleaguered APC Rivers, can learn from these wise and resourceful vampire bats?
It is it for nothing that our loving Creator asks us, through the ancient man Job, to ask and learn from animals.

Even when you fly and successfully land, remember that the successful landing of the aircraft, is due to “vampires bats like cooperation “.

Back in the 1930s, flying was really dangerous and passengers were scared away by the many accidents.
Flight authorities across the world had understood the potential of commercial passenger air traffic, but they also realized that flying had to become safer before most people would dare to try it.
Flying, like APC Rivers, was threatened with extinction by fear of flying, resulting from accidents, just as the Vampire bats were threatened by lack of blood.
What to do?

The flying authority, having seen both the potential of the industry and the clear danger of possible extinction by a flying public ready to avoid it, not for lack of love but because life is more important than love, did something to redeem itself.
It took steps, as I said, like Vampire bats.
What did the flying authorities do?

In 1994, they ALL (notice the word in CAPS) met in Chicago to agree on COMMOM RULES. (notice the words in CAPS).
AND they signed a contract with very important Annex 13: a COMMOM form for incident reports, which they AGREED to SHARE so they could ALL learn from EACH OTHER’S mistakes. (always notice the words in CAPS and notice that they denote commonality!)
What happened after that?
The literature is very clear on what happened afterwards:
“Since then, every crash or incident involving a commercial passenger airplane has been investigated and reported, risk factors have been systematically identified and improved safety procedures have been adopted, WORLDWIDE! waow! ”
Am not the one shouting “waow”.
It is there in the literature on the subject I am quoting.

The report continues:
“I’d say the Chicago Convention is one of humanity’s most impressive collaborations ever.”

The report l am quoting ends like this, on this issue:
“It’s amazing how well people can work together when they share the same fears”!
I shouted this last “waow”!

All the ways of APC Rivers are diametrically opposed to this time-tested, God inspired way of working together.

Those vampire bats, are they all skilled equally?
Those airlines authorities that gathered in Chicago, were they all friends?
In fact, were they not all competitors in the industry?

So why did they all have to meet?

The mindset that:
I made you,
Without me you would not have been,
Don’t say or do anything unless I say and do something,
And when I say and do something, don’t add and don’t remove,
You can leave,
You can walk away,
Etc etc,
are antithesis to progress and in particular, is a mindset which if not changed, will not help.

I ask you:
If vampire bats told each other “you can leave” “I made you ” etc etc won’t they have become extinct?
If aviators back then, allowed their ego to get the better of them, such that cooperation and collaboration was made impossible, would you be flying today?

Have planes stopped crashing.
Have vampire bats become immortal?
The answers are no, but their industry and species are thriving.

So will it be with APC Rivers if only…..

To thine own self be true