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Music Videos – All You Know About it

By |June 25th, 2019|Categories: General|

Music recordings speak to a pivotal piece of the music business.

Craftsmen owe their vocations to music recordings as they are being given the opportunity of inspiring the open with their vocal ability, yet in addition with their looks or moves.

Thirty years prior, music video used to be less significant then it is these days.

MTV (Music Television) was the marvel that gave so much power and significance to the music video. MTV began broadcasting in 1981 in the USA and it denoted the start of the music video’s decision over the music business. The principal video at any point played on MTV was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles.

As MTV was communicating 24-hour-a-day music, music recordings were should have been created. Subsequently, music video started to assume a significant job in craftsmen’s professions.

It is viewed as that even Wizkid, Davido or Madonna’s profession has been significantly impacted by her recordings that introduced an attractive, engaging look of the craftsman. A few specialists state that Madonna has been propelled by the picture that the entertainer Greta Garbo has utilized in her quiet films.

MTV has been exceedingly disputable: some observed as the start of a stunning, new, crisp time in music, others thought about it to stamp the finish of genuine melodic ability, as specialists have been turned out to be progressively refreshing for their looks rather than their vocal capacities.

These days, the music video is as significant as the melody itself, once in a while notwithstanding choosing the achievement of a tune or craftsman. Accumulations of latest naija music recordings are being sold on tapes or DVDs. Music video’s most noteworthy fans are evidently watching them quieted just to make the most of their masterful worth, as they believe it to be another type of craftsmanship.

They think about that a music video ought to be surveyed dependent on its visual characteristics and not on the tune quality. It appears that the music ‘masters’, corporate administrators, have understood the capability of utilizing female s3x-bid in music recordings, thusly this component is being utilized too much as it is increasingly prominent for people in general.

The introduction of the music video has made another kind of chiefs: video executives. MTV began notwithstanding posting chiefs with video credits and this calling has turned out to be increasingly prominent. In any case, it appears that most video chiefs don’t have practical experience in this specific work of art, they consider it to be as a rule only a stage while in transit to coordinating a motion picture.

Many begin coordinating recordings or plugs, planning to get the acknowledgment to fabricate a name and to coordinate a motion picture. It appears that even video executives concede the way that a music video is optional to the melody itself.

All in all, in spite of the fact that music video’s fans have attempted to lift this type of stimulation to the title of an artistic expression, the music video is in the long run only a work of trade, bound to sell an item: the melody.

Music has dependably been something that addresses the spirit. Individuals tune in to music to unwind, to make a climate, to set a temperament. Music comprises of two primary parts to be specific the tune and verses. By consolidating these two viewpoints at the same time you make a congruity that goes past clarification.

The tune makes the right environment to present to you the genuine message of the verses. For a very long time individuals has been happy with a sound encounter just, however as the music business created, individuals built up a requirement for a broad media melodic experience. Music recordings was the response to that need.

There were, and still are, numerous music darlings that have a negative view about music recordings. They accept that music recordings just have a promoting reason and that’s it. There is a trace of validity in this, however is a music video absolutely futile with regards to the message a tune needs to convey?

You need to encounter the melody without an image to truly get it. To truly value crafted by a melodic craftsman you need to encounter a tune through each component accessible, through the craftsman’s voice, through the particular music instruments, through the deliberately chosen tunes, through the magnificently composed verses. Your first experience of a tune and its translation ought to be by sound as it were.

You must probably catch its significance before it is adulterated by a visual articulation. A tune must be allowed to talk an individual message and if a melody can do that it is simply because of masterful flawlessness. A music video removes a craftsman’s glorious intensity of outline.

Music recordings are not too terrible. The pleasant thing about music recordings is that they give you another way to deal with the melody, another point of view that might not have been experienced during your first translations of the tune. It opens your psyche for new potential outcomes with a tune. A music video is likewise a decent medium that causes you to comprehend a melody on the off chance that you are bad at deciphering them.

Not every person is a decent translator of melodic writing. Music recordings are likewise an incredible method for spanning the language hole for fans who appreciate the music of an outside craftsman, yet don’t comprehend a word the person is singing. In the wake of investigating a tune trough sound just, it is constantly pleasurable for fans to see every one of the instruments of music joined in a music video, where you can encounter the music with your eyes, ears and soul, all in the meantime.

A music video ought not be your first experience of a melody, since that is the point at which the topic of the tune is executed. You need to concentrate on the music and verses to truly value the capacities of the craftsman.

Not every person looks great in a music video, however there are many, “not very great looking” specialists that produces extraordinary music. A music video is just an alternate medium through which one can encounter a tune, the music video itself can’t address you in an individual manner, just the tune can.

The music video just presents to you the focal subject of the tune, the conceptual, hypothetical significance.

In this way the facts demonstrate that a music video all alone, gives you a very constrained viewpoint and can, probably, be an augmentation to melodic articulation, however can’t be simply the articulation.

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What Men Want in a Relationship

By |June 25th, 2019|Categories: General|

It is just normal to have a relationship with opposite s3x.

In fact this is somehow the course of life women are created for men and vice versa.

Mostly, a man is the one making the moves to win a woman of his interest.

In some cases, there are women who are also trying to get a man’s attention.

It is very important for a woman to understand what men want in a relationship.

A woman should know the basic information relative to this in order to have a meaningful and lasting relationship.

This would also of great help for women to gauge more or less how are they going to handle the relationship and how a woman should react on the actions of most men show.

There are numerous reasons that anyone of us could think what men want in a relationship.

It is significant to understand this as most men are being misunderstood by some women.

A man has always a tendency to hide his feelings and sometimes is really keeping it.

So for women out there, here are some of the things that we need to crunch.


A man is seeking security whenever he enters in a serious relationship.

As a matter of fact, most men need to be reassured.

Just like a woman, a man also needs affirmations on the extent of the feelings for each other.

If you will notice, most men are more jealous than women.


While it is true that a man has his own set of friends, still a friendship that a woman of his interest could offer is something that he could value more.

Many men are looking for woman who could understand him and could extend a helping hand in case of needs.

Accordingly, there are instances that a man would long for a friendship that a woman will offer.

Most of the lasting relationship especially of successful relationships started with friendship.


Some men are entering in a relationship for fun.

Yes there may be some who are just looking for a fling, but this is not the one being pointed out here.

It is more of a man longing for somebody who could make him happy.


This is actually on the top list on what men want in a relationship.

Love begets love.

A man will go even beyond his means to show his love for a woman.

Thus, as a woman, you should be very sensitive about this.


Most men are looking for a care that a mother could give.

But please do not include the nagging.

Men want to be taken care of.


Of course, this is in a more serious relationship.

So women, be careful and you should know very well how to handle this.

There may be lots of things that a woman should know what men want in a relationship.

What is important here is that a woman should work hand in hand with a man when they agreed to enter into a relationship.

Remember that the burden of making the relationship stronger is pressed on both parties.

But it would be better if any one of you will not wait to make the first move.

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Ushongo Caretaker Chairman, Agugu, Visits Terfa Atii, Thanks God For His Recovery, To Constitute Ushongo Homeland Development Committee

By |June 20th, 2019|Categories: General|

Newly inaugurated Caretaker Chairman of Ushongo Local Government Council, Hon. Bemsen Agugu, today visited former member of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Terfa Atii, at his Makurdi residence.

Rt. Hon. Atii who represented Kwande/Ushongo Federal Constituency in the House of Reps from 2003 to 2007 was struck down by stroke a couple of years back and has been recovering under treatment at the Federal Medical Centre in Makurdi.

Hon. Agugu commiserated with the former Reps member over his illness, but expressed gratitude to God Almighty for the progress he has made in his recuperation.

The Ushongo Caretaker Chairman at the visit expressed gratitude to Gov. Samuel Ortom for appointing him to serve in his present office, assuring that he will run an all inclusive administration which will strive to utilise available resources judiciously to execute meaningful development projects within the time given it.

He revealed that he will soon constitute an Ushongo Homeland Development Committee which will be made up of prominent sons and daughters of the area who are knowledgeable and experienced in issues of development to help chart a realistic course towards peace, security and development in the area.

Hon. Agugu revealed further that the committee will identify developmental needs in the communities of the area and profer workable solutions in line with available resources, stressing that he believes such an approach will facilitate attainment of the targets set for caretaker chairmen by Gov. Ortom while inaugurating them a few days back.

Responding in separate remarks, Rt. Hon. Atii and his wife, Mrs. Ruth Mbawuese Atii, expressed profound gratitude to God Almighty for the steady progress he has made in recovery, and as well appreciated Hon. Agugu for the kind gesture of his visit.

The former federal lawmaker commended the Chairman for his commitment over the years to the cause of development in Ushongo, and expressed faith that with such steps as he is taking in just few days in office, he will record success.

The Ushongo Caretaker Chairman was accompanied on the visit by Zonal Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for North-Central Geo-political Region, Hon. Maurice Tsav; the party’s Benue State Publicity Secretary, Bemgba Iortyom; prominent youth activist, Emmanuel Hangeior and some Aides of the Chairman.

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The Thrilling Conglutination And Interdependence Of The Vampire Bats

By |June 20th, 2019|Categories: General|

By Alex Donald Ekuh-deezua

A Moralistic Rebuke And Lesson To The Beleaguered Rivers APC.

Erudite Hon. Barr Worgu Boms Wrote:

These vampire bats congregate in their thousands inside caves and every night fly out to look for prey.
When they find a sleeping bird or careless mammal, they make a small incision in its skin, and suck its blood.
But not all vampire bats find a victim every night.

So, what to do for, if they left each to his skill and devices, even the best, may lack blood at critical time and hunger and extinction may be the lot for their species.

In order to cope with the uncertainty of their life, and resist being wiped off, the Vampire bats loan blood to each other.
A vampire that fails to find prey will come home and ask a more fortunate friend to regurgitate some stolen blood.
Vampires remember very well to whom they loaned blood, so that at later date, if the friend returns hungry, he will approach his “debtor ” who will reciprocate.

Wherever and whenever you see vampires, remember that the fact of their cooperation and, I call it interdependence, is the reason why they still exist for you to see them play their own role in the ecosystem.

Is there any lesson that beleaguered APC Rivers, can learn from these wise and resourceful vampire bats?
It is it for nothing that our loving Creator asks us, through the ancient man Job, to ask and learn from animals.

Even when you fly and successfully land, remember that the successful landing of the aircraft, is due to “vampires bats like cooperation “.

Back in the 1930s, flying was really dangerous and passengers were scared away by the many accidents.
Flight authorities across the world had understood the potential of commercial passenger air traffic, but they also realized that flying had to become safer before most people would dare to try it.
Flying, like APC Rivers, was threatened with extinction by fear of flying, resulting from accidents, just as the Vampire bats were threatened by lack of blood.
What to do?

The flying authority, having seen both the potential of the industry and the clear danger of possible extinction by a flying public ready to avoid it, not for lack of love but because life is more important than love, did something to redeem itself.
It took steps, as I said, like Vampire bats.
What did the flying authorities do?

In 1994, they ALL (notice the word in CAPS) met in Chicago to agree on COMMOM RULES. (notice the words in CAPS).
AND they signed a contract with very important Annex 13: a COMMOM form for incident reports, which they AGREED to SHARE so they could ALL learn from EACH OTHER’S mistakes. (always notice the words in CAPS and notice that they denote commonality!)
What happened after that?
The literature is very clear on what happened afterwards:
“Since then, every crash or incident involving a commercial passenger airplane has been investigated and reported, risk factors have been systematically identified and improved safety procedures have been adopted, WORLDWIDE! waow! ”
Am not the one shouting “waow”.
It is there in the literature on the subject I am quoting.

The report continues:
“I’d say the Chicago Convention is one of humanity’s most impressive collaborations ever.”

The report l am quoting ends like this, on this issue:
“It’s amazing how well people can work together when they share the same fears”!
I shouted this last “waow”!

All the ways of APC Rivers are diametrically opposed to this time-tested, God inspired way of working together.

Those vampire bats, are they all skilled equally?
Those airlines authorities that gathered in Chicago, were they all friends?
In fact, were they not all competitors in the industry?

So why did they all have to meet?

The mindset that:
I made you,
Without me you would not have been,
Don’t say or do anything unless I say and do something,
And when I say and do something, don’t add and don’t remove,
You can leave,
You can walk away,
Etc etc,
are antithesis to progress and in particular, is a mindset which if not changed, will not help.

I ask you:
If vampire bats told each other “you can leave” “I made you ” etc etc won’t they have become extinct?
If aviators back then, allowed their ego to get the better of them, such that cooperation and collaboration was made impossible, would you be flying today?

Have planes stopped crashing.
Have vampire bats become immortal?
The answers are no, but their industry and species are thriving.

So will it be with APC Rivers if only…..

To thine own self be true

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